Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Clinique Mascara Swap

Clinique High Impact Mascara
Debenhams Clinique counters are doing a mascara swap. You take them your old one (any brand, full size) and they give you in return a Clinique one which is a generous sized sample. Bargain! You get the choice of High Impact Mascara or High Lengths Mascara. I went for the High Impact one. This one has a normal looking  quite big bristle brush. The other had a very thing rubber brush....didnt look easy to use to me! I will post results.

The offer is available at any  Debenhams Clinique counter until 20th May so grab one!
(One per customer, whilst stocks last blah blah)

New to BlogWorld

New to blogworld!

Hi all, firstly please be kind as I am new to all these shenanigans....that over....Welcome to my blog!

So, a little while ago I found the blog and vlog world and have been a fan ever since. My favs are Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur De Force and Zoella to name a few. My bank balance has been hit hard from these girlies recommendations I can tell you!It has also meant I have added make up and beauty items that I use all the time and love! I love the make up and beauty reviews but also the general life chat. Many an hour has flown by reading posts and watching videos! So I thought hey I'll set up my own (not half as good but hey a girl has to start somewhere right?!). Mine won't be the same but I think I can add a little of my own to tickle the taste buds! I firmly have my L plates!

A little about me I hear you say? Well I'm Helen and I'm 26. I have just been living abroad for a while....(yep I gave up the sunshine and bar culture for good old England). I'm now thinking of a new direction for a career-I'm undecided at the mo whether to give up being a serious professional (!) and what I studied for 3 years at uni to do, to start over again or not.....any ideas please feel free to shout them out (At me, clearly, as I won't hear them just shouted out in the universe! ) Bricklayer? zoo keeper perhaps? :) !!

Stay tuned whilst I figure this whole blogging thing out!