Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New to BlogWorld

New to blogworld!

Hi all, firstly please be kind as I am new to all these shenanigans....that over....Welcome to my blog!

So, a little while ago I found the blog and vlog world and have been a fan ever since. My favs are Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur De Force and Zoella to name a few. My bank balance has been hit hard from these girlies recommendations I can tell you!It has also meant I have added make up and beauty items that I use all the time and love! I love the make up and beauty reviews but also the general life chat. Many an hour has flown by reading posts and watching videos! So I thought hey I'll set up my own (not half as good but hey a girl has to start somewhere right?!). Mine won't be the same but I think I can add a little of my own to tickle the taste buds! I firmly have my L plates!

A little about me I hear you say? Well I'm Helen and I'm 26. I have just been living abroad for a while....(yep I gave up the sunshine and bar culture for good old England). I'm now thinking of a new direction for a career-I'm undecided at the mo whether to give up being a serious professional (!) and what I studied for 3 years at uni to do, to start over again or not.....any ideas please feel free to shout them out (At me, clearly, as I won't hear them just shouted out in the universe! ) Bricklayer? zoo keeper perhaps? :) !!

Stay tuned whilst I figure this whole blogging thing out!

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