Sunday, 21 October 2012

BaByliss Waving Wand

About a year ago I treated myself to this hair wand and I love it. I was always more of a straightener or natural type girl but I've changed my mind!  Wands are so much easier to use than the older style ones with the clamps. I have one of the clamp types which took a while to perfect and to be honest is a bit fiddly so I rarely use it. You also get a handy glove so no inadvertent burns! This wand gives a natural 'beachy' type wave and the waves can be larger or smaller depending on how big the piece of hair is that you wrap around the wand. The wand its self is a conical shape and it isn't tapered at the end like some. The controls are on the handle and you can change the heat settings. In minutes  you can change up your style.

I paid around £20 from Amazon and it arrived really quickly. For the price I think its a great addition to any girl (or guys) hair accessory kit. It would also make a great Christmas pressie idea.

I say lets all get hair wanding ladies! 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Essie sparkley nail polish

Sparkley Nails!

I am a major lover of nail varnish. Seriously, I do my nails every couple of days and find if I don't have polish on then I feel a bit naked. My nails also tend to break when I don't have polish on. I like to change it up but have a core few favourites. A little while ago I went to Canada and bought some products there. I love the fact there was so much stuff we don't have in the UK, and everything is cheaper!

So one of my cheekily little purchases was......
Essie Nail Polish ' a cut above' luxe effect
This is Essie's 'a cut above' which is a luxe effect 'multi dimensional topcoat'. I bought this from a Walmart and I think it was around $7  (£4.50 ish). Its such a gorgeous colour and can be worn over anything. I usually put one coat but you can build it up for a more dense effect. There are large round disc type sparkles and smaller glitter bits. I love it. Sooooo pretty!