Saturday, 20 October 2012

Essie sparkley nail polish

Sparkley Nails!

I am a major lover of nail varnish. Seriously, I do my nails every couple of days and find if I don't have polish on then I feel a bit naked. My nails also tend to break when I don't have polish on. I like to change it up but have a core few favourites. A little while ago I went to Canada and bought some products there. I love the fact there was so much stuff we don't have in the UK, and everything is cheaper!

So one of my cheekily little purchases was......
Essie Nail Polish ' a cut above' luxe effect
This is Essie's 'a cut above' which is a luxe effect 'multi dimensional topcoat'. I bought this from a Walmart and I think it was around $7  (£4.50 ish). Its such a gorgeous colour and can be worn over anything. I usually put one coat but you can build it up for a more dense effect. There are large round disc type sparkles and smaller glitter bits. I love it. Sooooo pretty!

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