Monday, 21 January 2013

Origins High Potency Night a Mins Night Cream

Origins High Potency Night a Mins Cream.

Need a new night cream or does your face need a bit of a boost and pick me up in this snowy weather? Look no further.
Origins High Potency Night A Mins  night cream

I have tried a few night cream but to be honest was never blown away and didn't see much point in using a different cream at night and often used to skip the step all together (not good I know-slaps wrist....) but since I bought the Origins cream I use it nearly every night of the week and absolutely love it. I think its because I can feel a difference and the appearance of your skin is so radiant, refreshed and plumped that you want to use it! It's packed full of goodness. It has an orangey smell to it which is quite strong but not too overpowering. I have sensitive skin and havn't had any problems. The fragrance is also quite calming and fresh in my opinion. The cream is thick and luxurious and feels cooling on the skin. I slather it on before bed and wake up with a whole new face (not quite but you get the idea! ) It is a tad pricey-around the £32 mark but totally worth it. Mine has lasted a while and I use it a lot.  
Origins High Potency Night A Mins night cream
Highly recommend it. Pop down to your local Origins counter to have a look or ask for a tester (the ladies at mine are lovely. They always give testers and advice and not just try to sell to you.)

Let me know your opinions of the cream and please recommend any other night creams!

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