Thursday, 30 May 2013

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow /Liner Review

A while ago I made a cheeky online Benefit order. There was a sale so how could a girl resist?!

I bought a few things, one of which was the Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner which I highly rate and now use nearly everyday.
Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow / Liner Review RSVP Champagne Neutral
It comes in a glass little jar with solid base and a screw lid with the usual Benefit graphic edge.
Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow / Liner RSVP review
The consistency is smooth and soft and doesn't feel like you are wearing lots of product and the staying power is really good. I don't get creases and it stays put. There is also no fallout like powder shadows which is a bonus.
Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow / Liner  -  RSVP Champagne neutral - review
Shade wise there 12 to choose from. I went for a neutral everyday option 'RSVP' that I could use on its own or as a base. It works really well on its own as a wash of champagne shimmer that brightens the eye and it really pretty. The colour is also buildable. I also use it with my Naked Palette as a base and it works well. It's really easy to work with. I just smudge it onto my lid with a finger and blend the edges.
Benefit Creaseless Eyeshadow / Liner  - RSVP Champagne Neutral review
I got this bad boy for £7.  I know, that's a bargain, especially as it's currently on the site for £14. They have bought in a new collection so I think the sale was to get rid of the old stock but for some reason its back full price as well as the new collection. I have to say I think £14 is steep but if it was on sale again I would buy it again and if not I'll hunt for a cheaper alternative.

Don't forget to subscribe and leave me a comment and let me know if you like Benefit products. Oh and let me know any cheaper alternatives!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #1 ANIMAL PRINT

 Myself and four other ladies, (Kate from Australia, Nina from the U.S.A, Thulisa from South Africa and Laura from Canada) have started an exciting new venture with the fabuloso title above! Lovely Kate from Australia had the idea and got in touch with me and then we found the other lovely ladies. The idea is that we have a different theme each week and we all interpret the theme and write a post. It will be interesting as we are all from different places around the globe with different fashions and clothing stores so we can all check out other countries styles. All the links to the ladies blogs will be at the bottom of this post including photos of  their ever so pretty faces. So once you've read this, go check out their blogs. They are all gorgeous ladies! 

So, here is the first post!

Animal print isn't something I wear a lot. I have a hairband scarf, this dress and a navy & brown toned big comfy scarf and I think that's about it. For this post I thought I'd go all out. I LOVE this dress. The fit and length is perfect, it falls nicely and is very flattering. It's also really comfy. Great for a night out.
Peacocks skater style dress with belt £16,  Black basic cardigan New Look £9.99,  Peacocks black leggings £8, New look Ballet Pump Flats

I actually first wore this dress for fancy dress. I had been on crutches ( FYI I fell over and tore my ankle ligaments), making shopping difficult so I made do. My friend bought me ears and a tail and I did red lips (wore off near the end of the night!) and red nails.  The nose and whiskers were a must but they looked a lot better pre drinks!! 
I don't usually like fancy dress but liked wearing this! 
Cute cat helping me to take photos.
Ironically this cute kitty wanted to make friends with me when I went out to take photographs.  Animal attraction! Had to include him/her in the post!
Now its time to meet the ladies. Check out their blogs by clicking on their name: 

Thulie (South Africa)                   Nina (USA)
                                                                    Stand by for next week!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bicester Shopping Village Shopping - Kate Spade & Origins

Bicester Outlet Shopping Village near Oxford is somewhere we ocassionally go.  I usually find  the odd few things but today, well wowsers I found so much good stuff! A whole lot has been added to my lust list!

For those unfamiliar with Bicester, it's an outlet village that is always busy and is done in a village-esque design. Shops here include DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, The White Company, Cath Kidson, Hugo Boss, Coach, Vivienne Westwood, UGG, Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Lulu Guiness to name but a few. There are over 130 boutiques. It's open 7 days a week and open til 8pm most nights which is fab. To find out more check out their website:

Two stores I couldn't help but love everything inside were The Cosmetics Company Store and Kate Spade.

Kate Spade, New York = handbags galore. H to the ello HEAVEN! Now granted there were some CRAZAY colours but the bags are so beautiful. Some of the colours are workable and others a tad bold for me.  I couldn't take photos in there and as it's an outlet shop the designs are often different to current lines in stores.

These are just a few examples and they range in price at Bicester from around £180. Esssh I know but oooo just take a moment to look at the beautifulness!

The Cosmetics Company Store is always one I go into when I visit Bicester. They often have a few bits I like but they had had a refit from last time I went in and they have really upped their game. They have perfumes, make up and brushes as well as skin and hair care. Brands include Clinique, Origins, Bobbi Brown, MAC, DKNY. The origins, MAC and Bobbi Brown sections have majorly increased. Often the shade range is dubious and its obvious why they are in the outlet but today they had a wide shade range for the foundations and BB creams and more 'normal' shades of eyeshadow and lipsticks, not just the wacky extreme colours. All the products are a lot cheaper. There were MAC blushes for about £10. Other examples are the Origins mascara-  £17 online and £11 at Bicester and Ginzing Eye cream is £21 online and £15 at Bicester.
Origins GinZing Mascara 
 It is safe to say when my bank balance is a bit happier I will be back and stock up!

Anyone else love a bit of outlet shopping or grabbing a bargain and who else loves Bicester? Comment below!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Outfit of the Day #2 OOTD Curvy / Plus size - Primark Dress

Curvy Outfit of the Day / Primark Dress / Summer
Curvy Outfit of the Day / Primark Shirt Dress / Emu Boots/ Matalan Bag/ Summer
Curvy Outfit of the Day / Primark  Shirt Dress / Bow detail pocket / Summer /  Essie Jamaica Me Crazy Nail Varnish Polish

Curvy Outfit of the Day / Primark Dress / Summer / Cute bow  Sainsburys necklace / Pink  Essie Nails - ' 280 Jamaica me crazy '
Curvy Outfit of the Day / Primark Shirt Dress  / Summer / Matalan 
New Look Cardigan £9.99, Primark vest top £3, Primark Shirt Dress with belt £10, Matalan Bag £5 in sale, Peacocks Leggings £8, EMU AUSTRALIA Stinger Mini Brown Snow, Winter Shoes Womens SZ 6 UK (Mine were bought in the sale), Essie Nail Polish Jamaica Me Crazy 15ML - LOU778, Necklace £5 Sainsburys, Earrings-£4

Well Spring has sort of sprung in England but its certainly not warm. I'm not ditching my cardigan and layers yet! I wore this with my short Emu boots as we went for an early evening walk and it was a bit chilly and these boots are easy and keep your tootsies warm :)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Body confidence and confidence in general

It is true to say EVERYONE (myself included) struggles with confidence. Whoever you are, where ever you are from, whatever your size, shape, style, nationality, age or gender, it happens. It affects us all at some time or another and for some, it happens a lot more than others.

We are ALL beautiful, let me me say that now before we go any further! 

We are all different but that's what makes us unique and it makes life interesting! I love looking at photographs and documentaries about different places, cultures and people and yes I love to people watch! The world would be a VERY dull boring place if we were all perfect and people weren't different and unique.
Lovely beauty confidence quotations Marc Jacobs and Marilyn Monroe
This world has haters, negative people and those who will bully others, pick up on others flaws and general be mean and nasty. Let me tell you that these people being this way says a whole lot about them and nothing about you. Trust me, its them who have the problem, not you. You will go further in life than they ever will so as much as it may hurt and make you cry a little (or a lot), know you are the better person. 
Marilyn Monroe quotation 
The thing to remember is that we are all human and we all have our imperfections, but as no-one is perfect, and there will always be negative nasty people but learn to let it go, know you its them who have the problem not you..... embrace the positive, be true to yourself and be a good person. It's natural to compare to others and be a bit jealous sometimes, but we are all beautiful and we should all hold our heads up and show it! Marilyn Monroe once said ' wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are'. It's true, so don't waste your life. The girl you are jealous of thinking you wish you had her hair is looking at you thinking I wish I had her eyes etc. 

Embrace what you have and live your life with your head held high, with a smile on your face,  a spring in your step and confidence. You only get one life so live it and be confident to strut your stuff! Shake what your mama gave you!

So, go find a mirror, stand in front of it and read the statement below and repeat (hell, I'll read it to you if it will help, just give me a shout!),  then I want you to look at yourself and pick your favourite 2 things about yourself. For me it would be my hair and my eyes. Now its your turn......
Body confidence quotation- really makes sense and helps
Never let anyone dull your sparkle......EVERYONE SHOULD SPARKLE. The blog name is true people!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Summer Wedding and Event Outfit / Dress Ideas

Summer is nearly here and it will soon be the wedding and summer events season. I have a wedding to go to in June so have been thinking a new dress is in order. Here are some of my top picks:
(Left to right from top)
(Row 1)- Pattern Dress, Dorothy Perkins £38 / Purple Maxi Dress, New Look £50 / Black Dress Contrast Hem, Dorothy Perkins £45
(Row 2)  Green Dress, New Look £45 /  Coral Dress £40 AX Paris /  Polka Dot Dress, Dorothy Perkins £38
(Row 3 ) Pink Dress , Dorothy Perkins £18 / Oriental Dress, Yours £35 , Mint Print Maxi, Yours £35
(Row 4) Floral Pattern Dress, Dorothy Perkins £20 / Navy Maxi Dress, New Look £49.99 /  Black Lace Dress,  New Look £32

Obviously it depends on the event as some are more casual and some dressier than others,  but I think these will cover all types.
My top picks are the floral ones. Floral prints are so girly and pretty and scream summer time to me!
I would wear the sleeveless ones with a little cardigan or shrug to hide the wobble arms!

Which is your favourite? What events do you have coming up?

Til next time!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Summer Bag ideas - floral, coral, white, cut out and bright colours!

Who doesn't love summer and who doesn't love handbags so combining the two is heaven!
Here are a few of my summer picks......
(Clockwise starting top left:
Floral weave clutch by Ted Baker £79, Nude cross body chain/stud bag- Matalan £8, White cut out bag- Lipsy £48, Pink tote bag-Amazon £13, Weave purse- Red Herring @ Debenhams £14.40, Floral cross body bag- Debenhams £20, Coral embossed clutch-Ted Baker £129, Lilac cut out bag-Debenhams £34.99, Orange bag with chain strap Pauls Boutique @ Asos £24. )
Florals, bright colours like pinks, mints and corals, pretty prints, cute designs and neutrals. These all remind me of summer and I am lusting after them all. 

I LOVE handbags. I have far too many but there's always room for more right?! YES!
Now which to go and buy.....?! (Don't tell my boyfriend. He will make that disproving "you have too many already" face!)

Which is your favourite? How many bags do you have?!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cargo Cosmetics Range

I recently got the chance to try out some of the range by Cargo Cosmetics. I was actually selected to do this by Debenhams Beauty Club. I was a tad excited about not only the freebies but trying a brand I have never used. I was a happy bunny the day by postman delivered the goods! Here's what the package contained......
Cargo Cosmetics Review
Eeeeek I was excited! My little face lit up at the thought of trying these products.

The products included:
-Blush (Water Resistant) in the shade 'Ibiza'- 11g size
-Lash Activator (-to promote healthy lashes- wear alone or under mascara) 11ml size
-Blue Ray High Defination Activating Face Primer 28.4g
-Texas Liner -Liquid Eye Liner in Black-2.5ml size
-Lip Gloss in 'Bourbon Street'  4.5ml size
-Bronzer (Water Resistant) 13g size
-MagicBrush-versatile size and can be used for all loose or pressed powder products.

As you tell the sizes are very generous, especially the blush and bronzer. I am going to do more in depth reviews after trying them all for longer, but first impressions are really good. I really like the pacakging, especially the tin style blush and bronzer. My favourites so far which I have used a few times are the lipgloss, blush and liquid liner.  Check out the the gloss in my face of the day post here:
Cargo Cosmetics blusher in  ' Ibiza '
Cargo Cosmetics Lipgloss in ' Bourbon Street '

What do you think? Have you tried this brand?

(In depth reviews to come....)