Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #1 ANIMAL PRINT

 Myself and four other ladies, (Kate from Australia, Nina from the U.S.A, Thulisa from South Africa and Laura from Canada) have started an exciting new venture with the fabuloso title above! Lovely Kate from Australia had the idea and got in touch with me and then we found the other lovely ladies. The idea is that we have a different theme each week and we all interpret the theme and write a post. It will be interesting as we are all from different places around the globe with different fashions and clothing stores so we can all check out other countries styles. All the links to the ladies blogs will be at the bottom of this post including photos of  their ever so pretty faces. So once you've read this, go check out their blogs. They are all gorgeous ladies! 

So, here is the first post!

Animal print isn't something I wear a lot. I have a hairband scarf, this dress and a navy & brown toned big comfy scarf and I think that's about it. For this post I thought I'd go all out. I LOVE this dress. The fit and length is perfect, it falls nicely and is very flattering. It's also really comfy. Great for a night out.
Peacocks skater style dress with belt £16,  Black basic cardigan New Look £9.99,  Peacocks black leggings £8, New look Ballet Pump Flats

I actually first wore this dress for fancy dress. I had been on crutches ( FYI I fell over and tore my ankle ligaments), making shopping difficult so I made do. My friend bought me ears and a tail and I did red lips (wore off near the end of the night!) and red nails.  The nose and whiskers were a must but they looked a lot better pre drinks!! 
I don't usually like fancy dress but liked wearing this! 
Cute cat helping me to take photos.
Ironically this cute kitty wanted to make friends with me when I went out to take photographs.  Animal attraction! Had to include him/her in the post!
Now its time to meet the ladies. Check out their blogs by clicking on their name: 

Thulie (South Africa)                   Nina (USA)
                                                                    Stand by for next week!


  1. Very cute...and I've done that same fun move with the ankle ligaments. Once I even did it on my birthday. So much for cute shoes - I ended up in flip flops and an ankle brace. Hehe. PS - the kitty is probably a boy. Most orange cats are male (and most tortie/calico cats are female). Also, in my experience, most orange boys are very friendly and easygoing...and they tend to be plus-sized. :)

  2. Thank you for your comment :)

    My ankle is messed up. I've done it twice now. I'm seeing the physios and I've been referred to the surgeons. Eeek!

    The cat is so cute and ultra friendly. :)

    Hope you enjoyed my blog. Subscribe to ensure you don't miss anything! x

  3. Your dress is so cute and I think it really does fit you great! I wanted to go all out too but I didn't really have a lot of animal print things either. I hope your ankle gets better fast! :)


  4. I love this dress!! You look gorgeous! I was looking at this on your facebook the other night and hoped you would use it! Great first post!

  5. Thank you Kate! It definitely fits the theme lol! X

  6. The dress is so cute. <3 Love it!


  7. Thank you for your comment! Hope you enjoyed my blog :) x

  8. Looks like you were having a lot of fun taking these pictures they really translate very well. Gorgeous ensemble gal .... love the dress coz its skater and they usually sit well on my wide hips, lol.


  9. Loving that dress, and the cute kitty! The leopard ears are so cute too.

    Just me Leah

  10. Thanks Thulie :) I love skater dresses. I own too many. They are my favourite style as they are comfy and ultra flattering and fun!


  11. Hi Leah! Thank you for your comment! I know, that cat is so cute! He must have known the theme for the post! The ears had a matching tail too. They were from a random shop in Spain (I used to live there). So cute. :)

    Hope you enjoyed my blog! x

  12. I *love* this dress! It's absolutely gorgeous :)

  13. Thank you for your comment!

    Glad everyone likes the dress :)



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