Sunday, 12 May 2013

Body confidence and confidence in general

It is true to say EVERYONE (myself included) struggles with confidence. Whoever you are, where ever you are from, whatever your size, shape, style, nationality, age or gender, it happens. It affects us all at some time or another and for some, it happens a lot more than others.

We are ALL beautiful, let me me say that now before we go any further! 

We are all different but that's what makes us unique and it makes life interesting! I love looking at photographs and documentaries about different places, cultures and people and yes I love to people watch! The world would be a VERY dull boring place if we were all perfect and people weren't different and unique.
Lovely beauty confidence quotations Marc Jacobs and Marilyn Monroe
This world has haters, negative people and those who will bully others, pick up on others flaws and general be mean and nasty. Let me tell you that these people being this way says a whole lot about them and nothing about you. Trust me, its them who have the problem, not you. You will go further in life than they ever will so as much as it may hurt and make you cry a little (or a lot), know you are the better person. 
Marilyn Monroe quotation 
The thing to remember is that we are all human and we all have our imperfections, but as no-one is perfect, and there will always be negative nasty people but learn to let it go, know you its them who have the problem not you..... embrace the positive, be true to yourself and be a good person. It's natural to compare to others and be a bit jealous sometimes, but we are all beautiful and we should all hold our heads up and show it! Marilyn Monroe once said ' wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are'. It's true, so don't waste your life. The girl you are jealous of thinking you wish you had her hair is looking at you thinking I wish I had her eyes etc. 

Embrace what you have and live your life with your head held high, with a smile on your face,  a spring in your step and confidence. You only get one life so live it and be confident to strut your stuff! Shake what your mama gave you!

So, go find a mirror, stand in front of it and read the statement below and repeat (hell, I'll read it to you if it will help, just give me a shout!),  then I want you to look at yourself and pick your favourite 2 things about yourself. For me it would be my hair and my eyes. Now its your turn......
Body confidence quotation- really makes sense and helps
Never let anyone dull your sparkle......EVERYONE SHOULD SPARKLE. The blog name is true people!


  1. I love this post. Every body no matter what shape and size is beautiful you are so right. :)

  2. Great posts I know I always have those days were I can beat myself up but its always nice to remind yourself especially on those bad days that you get. :)


  3. Thanks for your comments girls! I think its an important issue. Glad you liked the post.

    Kate - It's true. Everyone is beautiful! :)

    Nina - Don't beat yourself up, you are beautiful! Lol you need to do what I said to in the post!



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