Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #4 STRIPES

Week 4 is already upon us. Time flies hey girls! Put your hand up- who's ready for this week?! ME!

This week the theme is stripes. I was thinking of what to wear and it dawned on me that the two things I have with stripes have both been featured on my blog before. Tres annoying! One was the floral striped Primark dress and the other was the shirt dress so definitely go and check them out, but first read on....

So as I have already featured the only stripey things I own I decided to dig a little deeper and do something a little different. Change is good right?

One thing I wear a lot of is scarves. It's "summer' in England and granted the last few days have been warm (a scorching 20 degrees Celsius haha!)  and it was really warm not long ago but we do have some chillier days so a scarf is great. I pretty much wear scarves all year round apart from the uber hot days! I also love how they cover you up a bit and add some fun to an outfit.  With that in mind.......
Zara big union jack flag scarf blue, red, white, grey
Fleur de Force Zara scarf
Zara scarf, plus size /curvy girl outfit of the day - red theme
I love this scarf. It's a giant union jack scarf I bought from Zara in the Christmas sales. I can't remember the exact price but it was definitely £10 or less. Bargain! I actually first saw it in a haul by Fleur De Force then spotted it whilst shopping so snapped it up as it looked lovely on her. I love the colours and the pattern and it definately jazzes up an outfit. Yep I used the work jazzy in 2013!!

Zara scarf
I wore this with a basic red marl long sleeve t shirt, boot cut dark wash jeans and my good old low white converse (they have red detail so I was on a red trend with this outfit! Yes they are grubby, that's what happens when you walk the pavements in Paris)

White Low style Converse
Curvy / plus size casual outfit 
What do you think on my take on the stripes theme? What are your favourite accessories to add to an outfit? Leave a comment, let me know! I love a bit of inter-activeness :)

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Til next time friends! Enjoy your week and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything!


  1. I love scarves and that one is a beaut! You look fab xxx

  2. Love your scarf!! It's gorgeous!!!! I love fluer on you tube :)

  3. Love the scarf!! Love Fluer on YouTube!

  4. I think scarfs are a great way to jazz up an outfit! (I like how you used the word!) I really like Fleur on youtube too! :) BTW the scarf is super cute! :)


  5. OMG, Helen, I need that scarf. I have been collecting union jack items I have a top and a belt so far - I have been planning to buy union jack docs but this scarf is driving me crazy. We have a Zara here but never spotted anything like that scarf. You really have jazzed up that outfit with that scarf. Great post girl :)

  6. Nikki- Thanks hun! Hope you liked the blog :)

    Kate-I like Fleur too. Clearly we are both stylish girls lol!

    Nina- Glad you like the word jazzy too. Thought it was just me! Jazzzzy :)

    Thulisa- Haha I love the scarf too and it was cheap! You need to come to England, then you can really collect union jack stuff :)


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