Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #5 LBD -Little Black Dress

Firstly, sorry this is a bit late but better late than never right?!...that being said, its time for week 5 people, so get excited!! Okay, are we ready, are we excited?! Okay, then lets go ladies....

I think it's fair to say we all have that dress that we go back to time and time again and is 'trusted' and 'safe'. The LBD is notorious with us women even if you aren't really into clothes and fashions I think we all own at least one.

My offering this week is something I have reached for work events, Christmas parties and most recently a wedding. I know what you're thinking "black to a wedding"?! Well yes ladies and why not?! Black is always in fashion, always chic, always flattering and black bridesmaids dresses are popular now so why not guests?!  Also monochrome is THE thing right now. I wasn't the only one to go for the trust LBD at the wedding let me tell you! The reason I went for it was I couldn't spend on getting a new dress so had to dig through the wardrobe and this little gem came up and here it is.....
Curvy/plus size LBD Matalan Little Black Dress, gold accessories. 
The dress is above knee lenth (I wore tights). It has a very sheer overlay with a black inner slip kinda thang underneath which is attached to the top layer. I love the sheer sleeves and the button detail down the front. I got it for a bargain £10 in the sale at Matalan (yes people there are some great finds in there). 
Curvy girl LBD Black Dress, gold accessories, red lip and nails!
At the Christmas party I wore this to I had bright red lips and matching red nails. Red seriously pops against black. LBD, gold accessories and red lips/nails is a glam combo and a total classic, but I just decided to tone it down a bit for the wedding.....
Curvy / plus size special occassion little black dress outfit of the day
 I added a pashmina which was bright blue with a little embroidery detail down the edges. It was my Mum's so its special to me. It was a windy day so kept me warm and it's so soft. I absolutely adore the colour. Of course I wore a facinator and went for simple black with nothing OTT feather wise! My clutch was large nude colour with brown detailing with I have used and used and love it. It was from Dorothy Perkins a few years ago. I wore black ballet flats with a bow and gold detail (I still can't wear heels due to my ankle injury but to be honest, I wasn't a big heels wearer before but I would have for a special occasion and probably swtiched to flats for the evening party).
 I added gold accessories to jazz it up and add some glitz and glam (yep I used the word Jazz  2 weeks running!). The accessories were a stack of bangles, a thin gold chain belt and hoop with sparkley ball detail earrings. These earrings were £4 from Matalan. I love the gold with pink sparkles. I picked them up on a whim when I saw them out of the corner of my eye and thought they would look great with my outfit.

Make up wise I went for a neutral make up.  Not that its easy to see, but in addition to primer and foundation base, under eye concealer, blemish concealer, powder, I used a smidge of bronzer, then subtle blush and a highlight. I did a pretty light pinky/champagne eyeshadow with dark purple liner, black kohl liner on the bottom and lashings of Mascara (Maybelline Rocket Volume-Waterproof). I love me some Mascara! To finish I used Revlon Peach Parfait Lip Butter with a pinky Benefit Gloss. I am going to be doing more make up posts so look out for them!

I love this look and really think it all pulled together. This LBD is one I have already gotten a lot of wear from and I know I will continue to do so in future. 

That's it from me. Til next time my lovelies, have a fabulous week. Don't forget to follow my blog via Bloglovin to make sure you get the latest from me and don't miss anything and please leave a comment letting me know what your LBD is like!

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  1. Oh I like how you showed two ways you wore your little black dress. And I think it's more acceptable to wear black to weddings now because your right it's chic. Oh and those earrings are great, I love me some hoops and the fact that they have the extra detail makes them even cuter!


  2. Looks like you had fun wearing this dress on both occasions ... love the fact that your dress has lacy sleeves to cover up - sometimes I love covering up as I have big arms. sleeves always rescue this insecurity - it is very much ok to wear a black dress to a wedding - its much better than a white: you don't wanna be competing with the bride lol. Gorge LBD dress with those hoops. looking forward to your colour blocking themed outfit. Cheers

  3. I love your dress! Nothing wrong with wearing black to the wedding! I love the blue wrap! Bargin dress too I bet! :)


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