Monday, 12 August 2013

Rimmel 60 Seconds Pink Fushcia Nail Polish - no. 270 ' shocker '

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail polish / varnish - ' Shocker ' no. 270 fuschia pink 
I'm Helen and I'm a nail polish junkie. Phew there I said it. At least it's out in the open now! Handbags, earrings and nail polish are my weakness. Nail polishes are often only a few pounds and I think they really 'finish' off your look and it makes me happy to have nicely polished nails, especially if I have a bright colour, it makes me happier. I also find when my nails are done, I don't pick at them and they don't break etc.

I have put myself on a bit of a ban for a while now and I really havn't bought any new colours. The only 2 I have allowed myself are because I REALLY wanted them and they were very different to anything I already had. I also made sure I bought the cheaper ones or brands that are on offer.

Therefore with that being said, I've been using what I already have a lot more and re discovering old favourites. I've been shopping my stash as the cool kids would say. Now I love bright colours all year round because as I said, they make me happy to have some colour in my life, especially in the summertime. Pink is a classic colour for all us girls and on a 'I'm feeling very girly today' kind of feeling I went with the Barbie pink Rimmel 60 Seconds Polish in number 270 'Shocker'. I took the photo above in the light to show the sheen it has and you can see the blue/purple tones in the polish. The polish is 3 days old in the photo so there is some tip wear but it held up pretty well. I change my polish regularly as I love changing the colour and I also find doing my nails very therapeutic for some reason, so as long as a polish lasts 3 or so days I'm happy. In terms of application I really like the wider brush and the formulation is good. It's thick but not too thick. 2 coats and your're done and lets be honest, the main thing is the colour which is so pretty!

It's time for me to my nails, I've been inspired, so I'm off to choose a new bright colour. I may be some time!

What's your favourite nail polish colour? Are you a polish junkie like me?!

Helen xx

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  1. Such a pretty color and I like doing my nails when I have time, but sometimes I just don't have time. But I like the fast drying nail polishes. I don't know if I'm a nail polish addict but I do love nail polishes! :) I can't wait to see what color your nails are for the next post! :)



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