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Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #16 VINTAGE

Hello ladies! This post was supposed to be scheduled to automatically go up when I was away sunning myself in Cyprus, but technology let me down. Being organised didn't work but I thought better late than never and decided to publish it at the same time as this week's post (2 for 1 you lucky people), so here it is. I hope you enjoy.....
flattering curvy / plus size / vintage, black, lace outfit of the day
 Vintage is a style I love. The hairstyles, the make up, the clothing. In terms of the hairstyles it depends how vintage we are going but the front quiffs of the 50's and the big glamour curls and big hair of earlier years are fabulous. Make up wise, the pale face, red lips, thick black liner is a look I think we all know I love and being a pale face girl, it suits me. I decided against the red lip for one reason and that is because they have featured a lot recently and so I went for a matte shade and matte lipstick is very vintage. I did still rock the red nails though! Clothing/accessory wise, when I think vintage I think lace, pearls, embroidery and patterns. Simple yet pretty clothing. I do have a few tea dresses but apart from the cut, they are very modern with modern prints so they didn't really fit. I decided to wear a top and shrug that screams vintage to me with vintage earrings. I put together an outfit in a simple but modern style.
Dorothy Perkins top, Matalan Jeggings, Primark shrug- plus size, curvy outfit of the day
This top is a firm favourite of mine. I have worn it for nights out, interviews, funerals, work, dates, casual days out-literally everything. It can be dressed up a bit or dressed down. It's from Dorothy Perkins some years ago. The black jeggings are from Matalan and the shrug from Primark. 
Lace embroidery detail high neck Dorothy Perkins top and Primark shrug cardigan
You can really see the detail of the top here. It's so beautiful and screams vintage with the lace detail, floral embroidery and high neck (that wouldn't sit right for the photo!). Also, you can see the pleat and gorgeous edging detail. The top has a 'scrunched' look to it so is always creased. It's really hard to pick up in photos but looks really nice as it gives it texture, and doesn't just look like you couldn't be bothered to iron it! As you can see, the shrug also has lace detail which compliments the detail on the top. Lace, floral, patterns, embroidery and insert details such as the top part of the top are very vintage in style. I really like how, although you can't see anything skin wise, it does have a hint of sexiness about it due to the see through parts.
simple curvy / plus size outfit of the day black
The cut of the top is very flattering and the shoulders seem to be cut really well too. I think in all black, it makes for a very chic outfit.
vintage earrings, matte lipstick, winged liner face of the day
Earrings wise I had so many to choose from. I was going to do the red lip and red earrings thing but as I veered away from red lips as they have featured heavily on my blog recently, I went for blush coloured enamel earrings with gold surrounds that have cut out detail. Large studs like this really fit the theme. You can't really see much of my make up, but I went for thick black liner, big lashes (very Hollywood vintage glamour) a matte nude/brown lipstick (matte lipstick, again really fits with vintage), I also went for pale skin and quite a bit of blush which again fits the theme. No fake tans and bronzer years ago and fresh faced with a glow was the thing which I love! As for hair, I went feminine but simple as I was in a time crunch but a head band scarf would look great with this outfit and fit the theme well. A bigger version of the one in my last post would work.
Barry M 273 Raspberry Nail varnish Polish.
 Red is so very vintage and I couldn't resist red nails. The outfit needed some colour and this was it. I adore this nail varnish. It's such a gorgeous deep raspberry colour. I highly recommend it.
Accessorize sequin bow detail ballet flat suede shoes
If I had my way, I would be wearing Mary Jane mid heels to go with the theme of this week, but as many of you know I can't wear heels due to an ongoing heel injury. Therefore flats are my best friend! I decided sequins are always a good thing and they add to the look. They also fit as the vintage look often has bows and is often very girly and you can't get much more girly! The cream and black are very classic together. The black part is suede which gives another texture to the outfit and gives the shoes an even more feminine feel.
Are you a lover of the vintage look? Let me know what you think of my outfit! If you'd like to see more vintage then check out my lace dress post. The dress has a definite vintage feel to it.

I love these pieces too. The first one is very similar to my top and the second is such a pretty dress!
Black (Black) Inspire Black Victorian Lace Blouse  | 278102201 | New Look
£17.99 New Look
£32 Dorothy Perkins

Are you a lover of vintage style? I love it. The hair, the make up, the clothing. It's timeless in my opinion!
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  1. Very cute Helen, I love the details on the top, it's so feminine and pretty. The earrings and the makeup pair well with the vintage theme! :)

  2. I love that top! Very classy and elegant! Great job!! :)

  3. love everything about this outfit - from you makeup and nail polish to your top and flats - great translation :)


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