Friday, 18 October 2013

Positivity and confidence-You're worth it.

This is just a quick post as I really wanted to share something with you all. I watched this video last night made by Hanna and it was so lovely, feel good and inspirational that I had to share it. It really touched a nerve with me and made a big impact. Basicially it's about being positive and having self confidence.

I truly believe everyone needs to be more positive. There is so much negativity nowadays and self confidence is also such an important thing and part of being positive. The world we live in is tough as we are all bombarded from all directions from magazines, tv, and people around us. Perfection doesn't exist, as Hannah says in the video below. We just need to be good people, learn to love ourselves just the way we are and not worry about others. You may look at someone and think 'oh they have the perfect life' or 'oh I'd love to be her' but trust me, no-one's life is straightforward and perfect. We all have face/body imperfections, we all have heartbreak, family problems, friend issues, we all feel lonely sometimes and we all have a past. Please remember that when watching tv, or movies or reading magazines. Oh and don't forget airbrushing and touch ups happen in all forms of media! Hannah also says that she does the mirror trick, that I've talked about before on my blog. Look yourself in mirror and say to yourself  'I am beautiful' then pick out 3 things you love about yourself. It may feel weird but just try it. It works!

None of us are perfect. That's what makes us all individual and unique. So love yourself, just the way you are and please check out Hannah's video below. It's amazing. Hannah speaks from the heart and really is spreading good positive vibes. What a lovely person inside and out. The crazy thing is, Hannah is only 15 years old. Yes 15! Woah there, she has a wise head on her shoulders. In all seriousness though, we can learn a lot from her. I know you'll love the video, so please leave me a comment saying what you do to keep positive and to boost your self confidence, and you can also show Hannah some love on twitter.

Remember people, we are all BEAUTIFUL and need to keep our heads up and be positive. Spread the love people :)

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