Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #25 TARTAN

Curves Around the World time ladies! How is your week going so far? Life got in the way again last week so I'm sorry I missed it. I'm sure the other ladies kept you entertained with their posts though!
Tartan shirt dress Primark Autumn Winter 2013 / plus size casual outfit of the day
This week the theme is, as you can see, tartan. I'm a big fan of this trend. I am part Scottish so perhaps that's why and I'm pretty sure somewhere there is a tartan specifically for my family clan. For those that don't know, in Scotland the different clans (family groups) traditionally have their own signature tartans which feature different colours and the sizing of the lines is different. I'm no expert but you get the idea!

I love the pattern of tartan as it's just a bit different. I automatically think chilly Scotland and Christmas time as tartan is so often used in festive decorations. I don't own too much tartan (I'd love to own more), but didn't even need to think what I would do for this weeks post as I have been wearing this so much and the colours are just right for this time of year. I just had to show you!

Outfit details:
Boyfriend cardigan-New Look
Tartan shirt dress with belt-Primark
Bag-local boutique
Statement necklace-Matalan
Hoop earrings-Matalan
Black vest top-New Look
Here's a closer look at the dress so you that you can see the detail. As you can see, it has buttons all the way down the front and a nice square collar. I really like that the tartan goes diagonally by the buttons as it breaks it up a bit and focuses the eye veritcally down that front section.

I absolutely adore the colours in this dress. Navy and dark red are colours that really suit me and I need to own more of those colours as I love them! This style is the perfect length and just so easy to wear and is pretty flattering I think, especially tight fitting bust area, the sinched in waist then the more flowing bottom part.
curvy and plus size casual outfit of the day / tartan dress Primark Autmn / Winter 2013
This outfit has been my 'go to' recently. Casual, comfortable, easy to wear and great Autumn/Winter colours. Tartan is so on trend right now and although I don't always follow the trend (I go with what flatters me personally and what I like), but this is one trend I really like. A tartan scarf is also on  my wishlist so any recommendations, send my way!  

Do you like the tartan trend? Comment and let me know what you think of this outfit.

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  1. I love Plaid trend and your dress is fab, I really like your outfit :)

  2. You look wonderful, Helen! The tartan dress is a great choice!

  3. Again a great combination of style and comfort, can't go wrong there :). I really love the necklace with the outfit, I'm never sure how to wear statement necklaces, think I may just have to copy you ;)

  4. Oh I didnt know that about Scottish families having there own kind of tartan, that's really awesome! Your tartan dress is so cute, I want one! hehe But yeah the colors are great, navy and dark red look really great together! Very cute Helen! :)


  5. Thats a great plaid/tartan choice! Its cool and casual. Great colours too!

  6. Lovely outfit. That dress is great. And I love seeing not only the typical red tartan you see everywhere at the moment. Love it. :)

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  7. Ooooohh! I want that dress (I'm totally making grabby hands right now!)

  8. Really suits you. Nice to see the tartan trend in a colour other than the usual red aswell. Loving your bag also!


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