Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him under £50

My boyfriend and I have decided on a budget this year. Now some may not like the idea that, but we have big things like a wedding, buying a house and a big holiday next year and so we decided to not go too crazy. We don't have a huge family but have quite a few people to buy gifts for. Plus at this time of year you seem to spend more on travelling to see family, and things like snacks when shopping and hot chocolates to warm you up. All those things added to gifts really does adds up. Personally, I'd rather spend more on someones birthday as I think that's more of a personal day to them. Christmas to me is more about spending time with family and yummy food and relaxing with lovely decorations around you and good movies and board games! Getting into debt and spending ridiculous amounts of money is silly this time of year it shouldn't be money.

So, with budgets in mind (and even if you don't have a budget you'll get ideas), I decided to put together a few gift ideas. I am going to be doing a few of these but gift ideas for the men in your life come first so here it is and they range from £10-£50.

Hoodie £49.99 Superdry / Computer Game £42.99 Sainsburys /  Headphones £32.99 Currys /Bag £40 Ted Baker @ John Lewis / Chocolate slab £16 Hotel Chocolat  / Wallet Set £50 Ted Baker @ Asos / 
Trainers £38.50 Adidas @ Debenhams / Belt £18 Debenhams / Watch £48.75 Debenhams/ Toiletries/Skincare set £16.00 Boots / Boxers/Sock set £28.00 Debenhams / Tie £16.50 Debenhams / 
Grooming System £19.99 Sainsburys / Battery back up phone case £21.00 Amazon /                         Cufflinks £35 Ted Baker @ Asos / Fragrance £24.75 All Beauty / Gloves £22 River Island @ Asos / 
Shoe Kit £10 Matalan

What do you think of these ideas? Leave a comment and let me know what you are buying the men in your life.

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