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Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #28 1 DRESS 3 WAYS

One Dress 3 ways - plus size and curvy outfit ideas / black primark skater dress 
It's that time again and it seemed to come around very quickly this week! The theme this week is 'one dress, 3 ways'. It was actually one of the themes I put on the list. It's a little bit different. I alo think is important to be able to wear things different ways and have multiple options to change things up. It gives great value too as one piece can be used for different occasions and different styles.

For my dress I decided on simple and basic as I think this dress is something pretty much everyone has in their stash. A simple black dress, (in this case, a skater style). Mine is a cheap one from Primark and as you can see has some subtle stud detailing on the shoulders and 3/4 length sleeves. The material is thick and comfortable. The dress came with a black belt. 

plus size and curvy casual outfit of the day idea / black skater dress / primark
For the casual look, I ditched the belt, added a boyfriend style big oatmeal coloured cardigan, chocolate Emu boots, black leggings and a colourful scarf. I also added a long length heart necklace and hoop earrings (which you can't see!). I love wearing scarves like this as it draws the eye vertically and is very flattering and the necklace also mirrors this. I didn't do anything special to my hair, just as it comes after rough drying it and my make up is my normal.  I would add pink nail varnish to this look for some more fun and colour. 
plus size and curvy smart work outfit idea / black jacket / primark black skater dress with waist belt
plus size and curvy smart work outfit idea / black George @ Asda blazer jacket / primark black skater dress / black ballet flats / tights
For this look, not that you can tell but I put on thick tights instead of leggings as they are smarter and changed to black bow detail ballet flats. I added a smart black blazer jacket and a mint green and gold bow detail belt for some colour. I also added small silver stud earrings and again my make up and hair are the same as usual. My nails aren't done here, but I would go for a nude colour to be work appropriate.

curvy / plus size night out and evening outfit idea with black skater dress and leather studded jacket
make up and jewelry ideas outfit of the day with red lips, gold eyes and statement necklace / plus size and curvy 
Okay so I've sassed it up a little here. I put back on the belt, added a statement gold and leather detail necklace, gold dangley earrings, and added red lipstick, more bronzer and more eye make up -gold shadows, black eyeliner and lashings of mascara (it's not toally clear but trust me, it's there but hard to capture clearly in a photo with the lighting). I also added a faux leather jacket with gold stud detail which ties in with the necklace being gold and leather.

I would add to this look by doing my nails red, and doing more with my hair by curling it but  I didn't have time! I would also have worn either black heels or black ankle boots but due to my ankle I can't wear either of these (boo!) but you can use your imagination for that. Those final things of the nails, hair and shoes would really top this outfit off.

Versatile outfit options for plus size and curvy /work  / casual / night out / primark dress
I kept the outfits pretty simple to make sure you can re create these looks with things you have in your wardrobes and get some easy to do ideas. All 3 looks are things I would and do wear and I really like them. I love versatile pieces and think it's important to be able to wear things casually and on smarter occasions. Basics like this dress are fab at being easy to change up and you definitely get more wear and value from them. They are great to add/take away layers for different seasons too. I hate having nice things that sit there in your wardrobe and you can only wear on certain occasions or at certain times of the year. It feels like a waste of a nice piece and a waste of money.

So, what do you think of my looks and do you like to have versatile options in your wardrobes? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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  1. Skater dresses are my faves and the Night Out outfit has got to be my best out of the three - its kinda my style and looks perfect on you :)

  2. I like the studs on the jacket...very rock chic! I think that is the look that I like best and I would def wear! Looking good! That style of dress looks great on you!

  3. While I like all three of these looks, I have to say the second one really caught my eye. That belt stands out so nicely, and while it's a little less casual, it still looks very comfortable. Very nice :)

  4. Ohh the skater dress is a great piece for this challenge! I really like all three looks, the scarf and heart necklace on the first outfit, the bow belt on the second look and the awesome jacket in the last look. I think the last one is my favorite though! :) Great job Helen! :)



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