Thursday, 26 December 2013

A look back on Curves Around the World 2013 and Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS ladies! I hope you all had a fab Christmas and are enjoying the festive period. Hopefully you've spent some lovely time with family and friends and Father Christmas bought you some nice pressies. 

This week, we decided not to post a new outfit as it was Christmas but we decided to look back and re live our favourite posts. I have three favourites so I thought, why not show all 3 again....
I love lace. I think it's classic, chic, timeless and feminine. I really don't think you can go wrong with it and the fact that this dress is red makes it even better! Everyone loves a red dress! I think this is a really pretty look.
Animal Print

This look is fun and flirty and a little different. The odd bit of animal print is one thing but a full on dress is a little more daring. I really like this look. It's comfortable, and very flattering. Although the print is busy, it's actually a pretty simple outfit.
One Dress, 3 ways
This is one of my top posts as I think it was different to the others and there was more to it. It was my idea so I am bias! I like wearing the same item for different occasions. I'm not a fan of having something you can only wear on certain occasions and it ends up being worn once a year and sits in your wardrobe. It makes sense to have versatile pieces and get the value and wear from your clothes. Also, if you have something nice, it's great to wear it as much as possible. 

Don't forget to check out what the other ladies wore in my favourite weeks-lace, animal print and 1 dress, 3 ways. Click the links in the captions, under the photos! They all have great looks.

What's your favourite post so far the 'Curves Around the World' series? Let me know in the comments.....

I hope you are all looking forward to Curves Around the World 2014! We have lots of interesting themes and posts planned! 

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Check out the other ladies in this blog series. We are all from different countries and all have different styles and takes on each weeks theme so go check them out to see what they came up with! (Please note, we post every Wednesday but we all live in different time zones so if the posts aren't up yet, please check back later!)

Jennifer (Germany).  
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  1. I see why you have picked those 3 choices - I also loved them on you!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  2. Oh I really like the themes that you chose, those are some great ones. I think those are some of my favorites too! :) I can't wait till 2014 and see all the great outfits you will put together! :)


  3. My favorite is the lace! Bold color, bold lips. So pretty! It'd be a great holiday look, too. But I also love the one dress three ways because I'm always doing that. I feel like so many fashion bloggers are always showing the latest and greatest thing, but I don't have the funds for that! So instead, I try to stretch what I have using different combinations and accessories. So I appreciate you featuring that challenge in particular. I think it's the most helpful and realistic for the rest of us. :-)



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