Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Primark 2014 Spring Summer Collection

Who doesn't love good old Primark, 'Primarni' if you will. Collections change quickly, it's cheap and most of us have a store pretty close by. The one annoying thing though is that they don't have a proper website where you can browse so ever the helpful girl that I am I found the best bits and I'm sharing with you all. I know, I know.....thank me later! Oh and you might want to thank a certain Mrs Clev as she requested some Primark action and what a lady requests, a lady gets!  

This year Primark seems to all be about the prints and the colours. I walked in today and it was literally 'ba-bam' rainbow multicolour! This little bunch of goodies range from £4-£14 and are the serious goodies of the Summer 2014 Collection. You know the deal though, if you want anything, run like the wind to your nearest store and buy it before it's gone or before there is that one last solitary item in the wrong size left.....

You can see more of the collection here. Hands up who else loves Primark?

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  1. You can't beat a bit of Primani. I'm loving palm tree print t shirt

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