Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A little Spanish adventure- Granada and Madrid via train!

The Alhambra, Granada, Spain - breathtaking!

A little while ago a friend and I went on a sort of 'last adventure' before I moved back from abroad. So we planned a little trip to Madrid and then went on to Granada. I thought I would put a few photos on my blog and share them. We actually did the trip on the train and I highly recommend it. Its mega easy!

The Alhambra Palace Granada, Spain

Alhambra - Granada, Spain

Snow capped mountains at every turn, and beware-its freezing! Alhambra - Granada, Spain
GRANADA (above)- Well the snow capped mountains at every corner and frankly cold but sunny weather and the not to be missed Alhambra (although getting tickets can be tricky so book in advance, try your hotel or do what we did and go to tourist information and beg! They also release certain numbers of tickets in the day but the amount of people waiting is ridiculous!). The city has a different less trendy feel to it than Madrid but it is gorgeous and there's good shopping and sight seeing to do here.
Beautiful park Madrid - Spain

Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain-well worth a visit!

Madrid, Spain

Retiro Park-beautiful! Madrid, Spain

La Latina Market -  Madrid, Spain

Through every arch or round each corner, the scenes are gorgeous!
Madrid, Spain
MADRID- Amazing nightlife here of all kinds from little eclectic bars to massive clubs. Beautiful buildings (The Palace is gorgeous), great art galleries and amazing shopping (oops!)