Saturday, 3 November 2012

Revlon Top Coat-new addition to my nail routine

New favourite alert!
I never used to use a topcoat, and if I did it would be a random one that wasn't too expensive. Then I found Sally Hansen Insta Dry Top Coat and I loved it. There were a few negatives such as it did shrink on the nail a bit but I could handle them.....but went all gloopy and I had a third of it left. It did leave a nice shine and it did dry quickly but I can't handle the negatives. So for a while I've been looking for a new one.....
Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat Review
Well this may not look too fancy but let me tell you this packs a punch. It's easy to apply, dries quickly, has a great finish and is really shiny. Its my new favourite and I am recommending it to everyone. It retails for around the £6.49 mark but I got a 3 for 2 offer which makes it fab value. If your looking for a new topcoat that doesn't break the bank, I seriously recommend it!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

BaByliss Waving Wand

About a year ago I treated myself to this hair wand and I love it. I was always more of a straightener or natural type girl but I've changed my mind!  Wands are so much easier to use than the older style ones with the clamps. I have one of the clamp types which took a while to perfect and to be honest is a bit fiddly so I rarely use it. You also get a handy glove so no inadvertent burns! This wand gives a natural 'beachy' type wave and the waves can be larger or smaller depending on how big the piece of hair is that you wrap around the wand. The wand its self is a conical shape and it isn't tapered at the end like some. The controls are on the handle and you can change the heat settings. In minutes  you can change up your style.

I paid around £20 from Amazon and it arrived really quickly. For the price I think its a great addition to any girl (or guys) hair accessory kit. It would also make a great Christmas pressie idea.

I say lets all get hair wanding ladies! 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Essie sparkley nail polish

Sparkley Nails!

I am a major lover of nail varnish. Seriously, I do my nails every couple of days and find if I don't have polish on then I feel a bit naked. My nails also tend to break when I don't have polish on. I like to change it up but have a core few favourites. A little while ago I went to Canada and bought some products there. I love the fact there was so much stuff we don't have in the UK, and everything is cheaper!

So one of my cheekily little purchases was......
Essie Nail Polish ' a cut above' luxe effect
This is Essie's 'a cut above' which is a luxe effect 'multi dimensional topcoat'. I bought this from a Walmart and I think it was around $7  (£4.50 ish). Its such a gorgeous colour and can be worn over anything. I usually put one coat but you can build it up for a more dense effect. There are large round disc type sparkles and smaller glitter bits. I love it. Sooooo pretty!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A little Spanish adventure- Granada and Madrid via train!

The Alhambra, Granada, Spain - breathtaking!

A little while ago a friend and I went on a sort of 'last adventure' before I moved back from abroad. So we planned a little trip to Madrid and then went on to Granada. I thought I would put a few photos on my blog and share them. We actually did the trip on the train and I highly recommend it. Its mega easy!

The Alhambra Palace Granada, Spain

Alhambra - Granada, Spain

Snow capped mountains at every turn, and beware-its freezing! Alhambra - Granada, Spain
GRANADA (above)- Well the snow capped mountains at every corner and frankly cold but sunny weather and the not to be missed Alhambra (although getting tickets can be tricky so book in advance, try your hotel or do what we did and go to tourist information and beg! They also release certain numbers of tickets in the day but the amount of people waiting is ridiculous!). The city has a different less trendy feel to it than Madrid but it is gorgeous and there's good shopping and sight seeing to do here.
Beautiful park Madrid - Spain

Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain-well worth a visit!

Madrid, Spain

Retiro Park-beautiful! Madrid, Spain

La Latina Market -  Madrid, Spain

Through every arch or round each corner, the scenes are gorgeous!
Madrid, Spain
MADRID- Amazing nightlife here of all kinds from little eclectic bars to massive clubs. Beautiful buildings (The Palace is gorgeous), great art galleries and amazing shopping (oops!)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Current Lip product favourites

I used to use tinted balms or a neutral lipgloss but that was about it. I was a tad shy and didn't know what suited me. Then along came beauty blogs and youtube and my debit card has been out in force on a way too regular basis. I thought I would share some of my recent purchases that have since become firm favourites and some golden oldies!
Best lip products
Best lip products.
From Left to Right:
Springfield Cosmetics- Rosa-5 EUROS (3 for 2 deal)-bright pink and girly but not too OTT
Revlon Lip Butter-Peach Parfait 025  £7.99 not my usual shade but has a coral sparkle and moisturising
BARRY M Lipgloss-No 2 Toffee £4.49 Toffee scent is gorgeous-great nude
UNE Lip Toned Lipstick-L02 £7.99 perfect my lips but better colour-Like the brand ethic of 'natural beauty'.
L'oreal Caresse - Sweet Berry 103 £7.99 gorgeous shade and goes on well.
Santoro Eclectic Lip Balm-Ssh I'm reading(Every tin is different and gorgeous designs)£4.99 Tinted-great sheen to the lips and lovely watermelon fragrance


I'm still adding so will update on more favourites soon!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Clinique Mascara Swap

Clinique High Impact Mascara
Debenhams Clinique counters are doing a mascara swap. You take them your old one (any brand, full size) and they give you in return a Clinique one which is a generous sized sample. Bargain! You get the choice of High Impact Mascara or High Lengths Mascara. I went for the High Impact one. This one has a normal looking  quite big bristle brush. The other had a very thing rubber brush....didnt look easy to use to me! I will post results.

The offer is available at any  Debenhams Clinique counter until 20th May so grab one!
(One per customer, whilst stocks last blah blah)

New to BlogWorld

New to blogworld!

Hi all, firstly please be kind as I am new to all these shenanigans....that over....Welcome to my blog!

So, a little while ago I found the blog and vlog world and have been a fan ever since. My favs are Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur De Force and Zoella to name a few. My bank balance has been hit hard from these girlies recommendations I can tell you!It has also meant I have added make up and beauty items that I use all the time and love! I love the make up and beauty reviews but also the general life chat. Many an hour has flown by reading posts and watching videos! So I thought hey I'll set up my own (not half as good but hey a girl has to start somewhere right?!). Mine won't be the same but I think I can add a little of my own to tickle the taste buds! I firmly have my L plates!

A little about me I hear you say? Well I'm Helen and I'm 26. I have just been living abroad for a while....(yep I gave up the sunshine and bar culture for good old England). I'm now thinking of a new direction for a career-I'm undecided at the mo whether to give up being a serious professional (!) and what I studied for 3 years at uni to do, to start over again or not.....any ideas please feel free to shout them out (At me, clearly, as I won't hear them just shouted out in the universe! ) Bricklayer? zoo keeper perhaps? :) !!

Stay tuned whilst I figure this whole blogging thing out!