Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #36 NEON

Firstly, apologies this post is late but I thought I would do it anyway. I'll explain more on where I have been in another post.

The theme is neon. Now I don't actually own anything neon. I own bright colourful  pieces but nothing truly neon.

Instead I'm going to show you a few pieces I have found. These are smaller pieces that you can work in to spice up a boring or simple outfit or something that lacks colour. Think a black skater dress or jeans and a plain top. You get the idea. As you know I am a big fan of simple classic outfits but changing them up with different smaller pieces in different styles and colours.
Neon trend accessories / plus size / curvy 
Nail Varnish-Barry M   /  Head Scarf Band-New Look  /  Watch-New Look  / Trainers-Running Outlet

Yellow Bag-River Island   /   Pink Bag-River Island  /     Scarf-Yours Clothing  / Necklace-River Island

I love all these pieces. I already have the nail polish and a very similar watch and I definitely think the scarf, trainers and necklace will be on top of my list to buy!

Which is your favourite piece? Let me know in the comments!
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  1. I'm hesitant about the neon trend, too. I like the pastel+neon trend a lot, but I don't have any neon pieces, and I'm cautious about investing any. I do really like the statement necklace and neon orange leopard print scarf you posted here. They have enough of a shock of color, but they won't dominate the whole outfit. Forever21+ has a few neon printed pieces that I'm drawn to. Their prices are so good, that I figure that's a good place to start. Even if the trend passes quickly or I fall out of love with the item, I won't have spent much on it!


  2. Hey Helen, I hope your doing well and I'm glad that you still did the challenge. I'm really liking the bags and the necklace, those are my two favorite pieces that you chose. :)


  3. I love this post. Such a great idea. Looking forward to reading all the other girls blogs too. X

  4. Anyone who charges in and snags something hot pink has my respect, I'm not that brave. They've got some neon stuff at the local Zizzi shop here, but so far none of it has really said "buy me!". Neon is such a toughie, though, it's difficult to work with.

    I know you've had some complications with surgery, I hope you're feeling better and on the mend soon :)


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