Thursday, 11 April 2013

J'adore Paris ♥

Do you ever just fancy a little trip and think hey lets go, book it and go a few days later? Ah I love last minute fun. Sometimes the least planned things are the best!

A friend and I felt like a girls trip and thought Paris would be perfect. We've both been before but hey as Audrey Hepburn once said, 'Paris is ALWAYS a good idea'. Totally agree.

Top  things to do in Paris:

1. Tour Eiffel/Eiffel Tower- A trip to Paris would  not be complete without  this iconic beauty. Highly recommend seeing this in the day and waiting to see it sparkle at night. Amazing views if you decide to go up the tower but also great from standing underneath and being in awe of the amazing structure. Ahhh the romance  ♥
Tour Eiffel / Eiffel Tower at night
2. Crepes, croissants and food in general- another must. Savoury or sweet, from a restaurant or street stall. My personal favourite crepe is Nutella and cream and I prefer them made in front of me from a street vendor whilst strolling around looking at the sights. Guarantee the guy at the stall will be lovely and chatty. It's all part of the experience. Can be messy and tricky to eat whilst walking but hey they taste goooooood! Oh now I want crepes and the Eurostar has finished for the night! Don't stick to well known places and order what you would anywhere else....go off the main streets and you will find restaurant gems. French food is classic worldwide so try it in the heart of the city. Pain au chocolat for breakfast....need I say more. The best croissants you will ever taste fresh everyday. Crepes, croissants and beef bourguignon never tasted so good. FACT.

3. Museums....Louvre or Musee d'Orsay- these are jam packed from Monet to Van Gogh, Renoir. You really don't have to be arty to enjoy and appreciate these places. You'll spot the Louvre with the iconic glass pyramid. Obviously Mona Lisa can also be found here....

4. The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees. Best time to visit the Arc de Triomphe is when the flame for the unknown soldier is lit-after 6.30pm-lights up the whole thing. Amazing views from the top and great history. Walk to or from the Arc de Triomphe down the Champs-Elysees which oozes grandeur with is wide avenue style and one of the poshest postcodes in Paris with most of the high end brands having shops and boutiques here. 

5. Sacre-Coeur. Worth the little hike up the steps for the view and to see inside the Basilica.
Paris view from the Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur Paris
 6. Notre Dame Cathedral. This was closed off when we went for an event so this is the best photo of the front I managed. Maybe try to spot Quasimodo?!
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris
7. Galleries Layfayette-Shopping at its best. Need I say more?! You will find everything you want here!

8. Walk or take a boat down the Seine.
Pont des Arts Lovers Bridge Paris
9. Pont des Arts. This ones for the lovers and the romantics  ♥ . The idea is you and your loved one put a padlock on the bridge, with many putting names and notes on them, then you throw the key in the River Seine and you will live happily ever after. I spent ages here reading the padlocks. Some are so cute. This bridge is so full that the idea is spreading to other bridges.
Pont des Arts / Lovers Bridge - Paris
10. Get a coffee or hot chocolate in a typical coffee shop and watch the world go buy. Trust me its an experience wherever you are in the world, especially Paris.

11. Just stroll around and breathe in the atmosphere!

12. For those into beauty and skincare, the pharmacies are a must. You will find them everywhere. Prices to vary but you will pick up things a lot cheaper than the UK for brands like Bioderma and Vichy and you will find amazing things not available here. They are usually helpful so detail a problem and they should help you out. 

Paris is really easy to get around, just grab a map. The metro trains are simple to master and you can guy books of tickets which aren't expensive. 

Don't get too hung up about where you stay-its easier to get from place to place. We stayed down the road from the Moulin Rouge which my friend took great delight when asked where we were from 'The Red Light District'. Some of the faces we got were amusing. It's a safe area and definately good deals on hotels there. Plus there is the obvious photo opportunity in front of the Moulin Rouge!

Another shoes are a must in Paris, like most cities your tootsies won't thank you for rubbish shoes. My other advice is to watch out for dog poo I hear you say?! Yes my friends, Paris has dog poo problems and my suitcase will never be the same after I wheeled it through some by mistake.....

Don't stress about seeing everything, decide the main things you want to see and after that see where the city takes you, you will probably end up in a lovely bar chatting to random people or in a quaint restaurant eating amazing food or get a bit lost in the streets and turn the corner and see something breathtaking.

It's safe to say, I will never get bored of Paris and its charms! 

So who else adores Paris and loves a bit of romance? Where are your favourite places?

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