Monday, 10 June 2013

Country and Seaside weekend

This past weekend my boyfriend and I ventured down south to visit my amazing university friend. It's a mamouth drive but it was lovely to see my friend and be in the countryside and by the seaside. I thought I'd share a few photos.  The weekend included a road trip, BBQ, alcohol, pubs, playing country games like skittles and boules, cute doggies, Stonehenge, bacon sandwiches, great company, laughs, promenading by the beach, mooching the little back streets of seaside towns,  sunshine, oh and ice cream at the beach and fish and chips (has to be done!).  
English countryside in the sunshine
This dog was so friendly and cute and was a 'pub dog' so spent the afternoon in the beer garden making friends with us all
Lyme Regis harbour
English seaside!
Beach huts are so cute! Gotta love the English seaside
Action shot at the seaside.
My friends dog Toby. All he wants is cuddles and is a gentle giant.
English countryside farm fields in the sunshine. Bliss.
England is a beautiful place and it's even better when the sun is shining and you are with great friends.

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  1. Great pictures Helen, it looks so beautiful! I'm not a huge beach person but the seaside photos look really nice. It looks like you had a great little trip! :)


  2. How lovely; wishing I was there!

    1. Thank you for your comment! It was a fab weekend!

  3. I do love a pub that has a resident pub pet! My Brother lives in central London and the pub opposite has a pub cat and you find him curled up on different chairs around the pub. Mr Melvis nearly sat on him last time :O #pastandpresent

    1. Awww bless. Sounds like a good pub and Mr Melvis is an awesome name!! Thank you for your comment! If you have a blog, please let me know and I'll check yours out! :)


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