Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #7 DENIM

It's Wednesday, and what does that mean>?! All together now......CURVES AROUND THE WORLD!

Yep, that's right. It's that time again. This week the theme is:
   * DENIM*
So, firstly I should say that my photos this week didn't work out so, I'm making it work with what I have and also using older photographs. That means my ideas have changed. So this week I'm going to show you more than one way I wear denim.

First up, the good old denim skirt.
New Look denim skirt outfit of the day plus size / curvy
This photo was taken when I was living abroad so it was quite a warm night. The denim skirt I bought for something crazy like £3 in the sale from New Look a few years ago. I love wearing it with leggings. I think its an easy cute look and can be worn in summer with sandals or winter with boots. The outfit above was for drinks with a friend. It's quite versatile. I'm wearing my favourite top-purple with animal print. The photo doesn't do it justice but it will definitely feature properly on this blog at some point.

Next up, trusty jeans. Now I have 2 styles I wear a lot. (I also thirdly love flared jeans but currently don't have any in my wardrobe). 

Firstly, the boot cut variety (a pear shape girls best friend as they are flattering and even out the child bearing hips!)
Boot cut jeans - curvy / plus size outfit of the day casual travelling 
A picture from my travels in Spain. I am wearing sexy trainers you may notice. Well a girls got to be comfortable whilst sightseeing right!? Boot cut jeans really are my go to jeans. They are the most flattering cut for my big old hips and they skim over the legs. A dark wash is also a must to be ultra flattering. 
skinny jeans / jessings - Matalan - outfit of the day - casual
Last up, the skinny jean / jeggings. Now I resisted these for a long time. I always thought you had to have the perfect legs but then I tried some on and actually got converted. I have a black pair too but I'm saving those for a later post.  The fit is exactly the same as these though. They definitely aren't as flattering as boot cut but as long as you wear a slightly longer top I think they look nice. Again I go for a dark wash as its more flattering.

The thing with jeans that I love the most is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. You can wear them out for drinks, for a date or to the supermarket and change up your top, shoes or accessories. I nearly always go for a dark wash as they are the most flattering and also they are the smartest colour. Lighter wash jeans look more casual. Overall, I wear jeans a lot and really think they are a staple item.

I'm actually on the hunt to add to my denim wardrobe. I'd like a light denim jacket to go with maxi dresses but I have resisted as I don't think I would wear it enough. I had one years ago and didn't wear it much but then my style has changed. I'm thinking in the sales there may be one for a bargain price.  I am  also on the lookout for a denim dress/tunic to wear over leggings. I tried this one below in Primark but it was waaaay too short!

Primark denim with lace dress / tunic summer 2013
So, whats your favourite item of denim in your wardrobe? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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I also wanted to quickly say that Laura had to drop out due to personal reasons meaning she was unable to blog but don't worry, she might be back and we may also be adding other bloggers soon!


  1. Helen I like how you showed us different ways you pair denim. I used to only own boot cut jeans because I was scared to try skinny jeans, but now I love them. Oh you should get a denim jacket, I love mine so much it's worn out. If there's a sale on one, I say you get it, I think you'll how versatile it can be.


  2. You look great in denim! I love the skirt outfit! rocking it girl! :)

  3. You look soo cute. And I think it's very comfy for a great weekend trip. Or a walk in the park.

    ♥ Bine

  4. I have noticed that you are a jeans kinda girl - no suprise because you look awesome on these denim pieces. I hear that you are preferin a bootcut im leaning more towards the skinny on you ... I love how they hug your curves and legs ... I think they really do magic - I should get myself a pair as well. your ensemble with the skirt is awesome too - pairing it with sandals made it fun and a relaxed look.

  5. You look amazing in those jeggings! x

  6. I really love that denim skirt, I'm shopping around now for a new one just like it!

  7. Skinny jeans and a leopard print top is always a winner! I love maxis for all occassions :)

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