Thursday, 19 September 2013

Blog Series - Curves around the World - Curvy Plus size Outfits - WEEK #17 PRINT T SHIRT

Ladies, this post is a day late. I'm sorry! Not only did technology fail on me last week when I was on holiday, but it failed on me yesterday. Not good, but hey better late than never and it means you all get 2 for 1 posts today! Check out my post for last week 'Vintage' before you carry on reading this week's.

This week the theme is a little different and more of a casual style so it's nice to mix it up a little. We all love a casual relaxed outfit. Let's face it, life is too short to be uncomfortable. I'm a firm believer of comfortable fashion! It's very similar to what I wore for my flight when going on holiday.
casual curvy / plus size outfit of the day / Converse / printed t shirt

curvy / plus size outfit of the day / American sport print t shirt / boot cut jeans /  casual relaxed day 
Not only is this t shirt soft and comfortable, I absolutely adore the wine colour. It's a colour that growing up my Mum always said suited me and I definitely agree. I think it's because of my pale skin and rosy cheeks. It compliments that type of skin tone really well. I also really like the striking print and American style. It fits really well and is very flattering even though its figure hugging. I think this t shirt was from Peacocks when I was living abroad and shops were limited. I remember it being in the sale and very good value.

As for the rest of the outfit, I have on bootvcut jeans (New Look Inspire) that are too big for me but I like comfy looser jeans on a casual comfy day. I also have on my low top Converse as the red and white in the Converse matches the top (matchy matchy, check me out!) and Converse are the obvious choice for a relaxed day.
£5 Asda bargain watch
Accessory wise, I only have on this white and gold watch (I picked up last minute as I needed a cheap watch for holiday), and my silver hoops. On a casual day I don't like anything fussy.

My make up is the usual with a pink natural lipgloss and my hair is just the usual, nothing special!
curvy plus sized outfit of the day, casual, relaxed, New Look Inspire bootcut jeans, American sport printed t shirt
What do you think of this t shirt? Comment and let me know if you love comfy days too and agree that clothes should be comfortable!
We are on week 17 of Curves Around the World. Time flies! We have lots of exciting new themes coming up and new bloggers joining so stay tuned!

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  1. I like the overall look, it has a very "east coast college town" feel to it.

  2. I think that wine color looks good on everyone!

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  3. Oh I like your approach this week as casual but it's still very on trend with it being sporty. I agree with you and your mom that color suits you very well! :)


  4. I love that shirt. Very cool and relaxed and a great fit! :)

  5. Also agree on comfort first before being stylish or fashionable: your mom is right that colour blends well with your skin tone - converse: im sold - if I was not working for the government I would really be casual 24/7 - you look relaxed and happy in this outfit!


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